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Project Statement for Belconnen Community Website

This website is being developed by a group of people from various community organisations in the Belconnen area to provide the residents of Belconnen with an easily accessible, participatory electronic space through which to engage with their community. The group is being coordinated by the Belconnen Community Services.


Belconnen Community Website Project has been meeting regularly since June 2003.

It began as an expression of interest and commitment from members of the PC Users Group We welcome anyone who would like to contribute to the website's development. Belconnen Community Service has agreed to facilitate and resource the establishment of this project, utilising the community development approach. Options for the long-term management of the project will be developed.

The aims of the project

We hope to develop a community information exchange tool through the development of a community owned and coordinated website, which provides:

  1. access to and exchange of information relevant to Belconnen.
  2. a tool for Belconnen residents to communicate with each other.
  3. a tool to connect different groups in the community, eg. schools, community groups, individuals, people who are new to the community or people who have difficulty accessing other sources of information.


The group will:

  1. facilitate the development of a community group that will steer and coordinate the project. BCS will work for the initial establishment period in association with interested community members.
  2. explore possible avenues for financial sustainability.
  3. develop a volunteer base of expertise in the IT field.
  4. build a volunteer base of contributors.
  5. we will inform local groups and schools to form partnerships to further develop the website.
  6. will work toward developing a successful independent community website.


This project provides the opportunity for Belconnen-specific groups to work together. It is an opportunity to strengthen a Belconnen-specific community identity through collective development of Belconnen's history and local stories.

It will provide the opportunity for people in Belconnen to have their say.

It will assist in filling gaps in information provision for people in Belconnen.

It will provide an outlet for people's creativity through a range of participatory projects.

It will provide an independent information and cultural community exchange for residents of Belconnen.

Projected Timeframe

The Working Party was launched on 20 March 2004. A new site, the current site was developed and launched by the Chief Minister of the ACT, Jon Stanhope, on September 1 2004.



For further information contact the Belconnen Community Service on 6264 0232 or e mail bcc@belcomserv.com.au

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