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Latin Dance the new sensation - black is the new black

Latin rhythms have always evoked notions of exotica and fun. 1930's band leader Xavier Cugat put Latin sound into the popular idiom, the sixties saw the Bossa nova come and go and in the nineties it was the Lambada. In the new century Latin dance is more popular than ever.

Javier Castro, the director of SV, is a Latin born Australian. He established Canberra's first Latin dance school over 10 years ago, setting the foundation for what salsa is today in the nation's capital. Javier says “The Salsa phenomenon, taking the world by storm.” He added That:
“Salsa refers to a style of music and dance witch has its origins in the Caribbean and Latin America, but which has developed all over the world, It is said Salsa is the most popular of all couple dancers and has developed into an international phenomenon which is taking the world by storm! It has become more than a casual pass time for many; it is a passionate lifestyle for millions of people all over the world, and the rate at which it is growing is amazing.”
There are a number of Latin dance styles and the following is a brief run down of them:

Salsa: The most addictive dance you will ever learn, the styles include: South American, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian & Miami plus more. Salsa is socially fun and considered the most attractive and most popular Latin dance.
R&D and reggeton: The latest salsa dance style to hit the world dance scene, based on the fusion of RnB/Ragge and Latin it will be a commonly seen dance form, on the modern dance floors in clubs world wide.
Rueda: Originally from Cuba it is a fun and challenging salsa group dance were you constantly change partners simultaneously taking a lot of technique and rhythm to form attractive circular patterns and combinations.
The Merengue: Is a happy and spicy dance from the Dominican Republic. It's considered being the fastest and easiest of all Latin dances, excellent for partying all night long Caribbean style.
Lambada: From Brazil an exotic forbidden dance, known for its sensual moves and passionate origins.
Samba, Axe, Eo'tchan: A very energetic freestyle dance from the Rio De Janeiro "Carnival" and parties all over Brazil (An excellent & fun form of exercise)
Argentinean Tango: An elegant style and its unique moves are used to compliment our existing repertoire.
Shines: Solo salsa dance moves and combinations.
Cumbia: Colombia's national dance is a free style dance form, danced at most social parties all over South America, full of fun and flavour, it is easy to learn and great fun with friends.






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